Bar Code Check Digit Calculator

Anatomy of a GTIN



The last digit of a bar code number (GTIN - Global Trade Item Number) is a calculated check digit. The check digit is calculated from all the other numbers in the GTIN and ensures the integrity of your GTIN.



How do I calculate the Check Digit?

There are two ways you can calculate the Check Digit:

  1. Go to the GS1 global website's Check Digit Calculator, where you can use the calculator or follow the instructions to manually calculate the Check Digit.
  2. Login to MyGS1 and use ProductVault - an online service from GS1 New Zealand that guides you through the allocation of product identifiers (Global Trade Item Numbers, GTINs) to your products and product heirarchies (inners, cases, pallets). ProductVault will automatically calculate the Check Digit for you. Watch our video tutorial.