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Food safety in New Zealand is being strengthened by the effective recall of unsafe or unsuitable products through an Internet-based service that now links over 1000 manufacturers and distributors to more than 500 supermarkets throughout the country.

The whey protein concentrate (WPC) botulism scare in 2013 was a scare for everybody: the trade, the NZ Government, overseas markets and, of course, consumers.

Instead of the bar code being printed in only one place on a product packaging this new technology covers the entire packaging with the bar code. The benefit of this approach enables the product to be presented to the scanner in any orientation rather than the product needing to be oriented towards the point of sale scanner

All of us have an interest in the payments industry. Many of us charge for stuff; all of us pay for stuff. How easily and safely that transactions are achieved often is the determinate of how much a transaction can be ‘enjoyed’ (if that is the word for it!).
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