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GS1 NZ News

GS1 New Zealand has acquired Images in Space, a leading supplier of digital photography and digital image management services to consumer products companies in New Zealand.

I know it is a truism that we are a long way away from our markets. The ‘tyranny of distance’ drives cost and often means that we can struggle to serve our global customers. There are those that have recently tried to promote this distance as being a true virtue, whereby Kiwis do the impossible because we don’t know that we can’t. Think Kevin Roberts from Saatchi and is ‘Edge Effect’.

The humble barcode changed the world. Today, some 40 years after the first scan of a pack of 10 Juicy Fruit Gum in a supermarket in Ohio, U.S.A, it can be found on almost every product or package produced in the world today. The simple collection of lines printed on a piece of paper is considered by many as one of the most important inventions of the 20th Century yet most take it for granted.

Food safety in New Zealand is being strengthened by the effective recall of unsafe or unsuitable products through an Internet-based service that now links over 1000 manufacturers and distributors to more than 500 supermarkets throughout the country.