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OPINION: Food quality and food safety are huge concerns in China. New Zealand businesses must share those concerns if they are to continue growing the volume and value of their food and beverages sold to the increasingly affluent Chinese public.

PHARMAC, NZ Health Partnerships and New Zealand Government Procurement from the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) are hosting a suppliers briefing in Auckland on Thursday, 16 March 2017. The briefing aims to provide suppliers with: an update on the direction of DHB procurement, insight and details of the transition of medical device procurement to PHARMAC, an update on the DHB National Catalogue, the Datahub services and plans for EDI, an opportunity for suppliers to ask questions of the leaders of the three agencies.

The New Zealand Business Number Act became law in April, opening the way for every business in this country to have its own NZBN. Registered companies already have them: NZBNs are now being rolled out to an estimated 500,000 unincorporated entities. Each NZBN is a Global Location Number provided by GS1.