Businesses can combine different GS1 standards to streamline business processes such as traceability.

GS1 Global Traceability Standard has been at the forefront of guiding the implementation of traceability solutions, from upstream suppliers to consumers and patients.

It provides the framework to ensure that traceability systems are interoperable and scalable, where trading partners can easily collaborate and share information for visibility across the entire supply chain.


Why is traceability the answer to efficiency and visibility in your supply chain and beyond?

Traceability provides many business benefits for your organisation including many efficiencies and visibilities in your supply chain. View the video to discover more.

Traceability Benefits

When it comes to Traceability there are a number of key business benefits:

  • Enables targeted and effective recall of dangerous products from the market
  • Helps consumers be informed on key product attributes such as allergenic food ingredients
  • Helps fight counterfeiting and protects brand integrity
  • A key component in regulations and safety standards

Healthcare Traceability and GS1 Standards

Tracking products across the healthcare supply chain eliminates counterfeit healthcare products, increases patient safety and complies with regulations.

Traceability in healthcare enables you to see the movement of prescription drugs or medical devices across the supply chain. You can trace backwards to identify the history of the transfers and locations of a product, from the point of manufacture onwards. And you can track forwards to see the intended route of the product towards the point of care.