Use standards


GS1 standards create a common foundation for business by uniquely identifying, accurately capturing and automatically sharing vital information about products, locations, assets and more.

Businesses can combine different GS1 standards to streamline business processes including Data Quality and Traceability.



For over 40 years, the GS1 System of Standards has revolutionised efficiency, accuracy, and cost effectiveness in a broad range of industry sectors. GS1 Standards provide a “common language” that trading partners use to identify items at any point along the value chain.

GS1 Standards are like the DNA of items and products moving through their value chain. By uniquely identifying each, it’s possible to link items and products with relevant information.

GS1 Standards play an important role by actively supporting your product’s value chain—optimising efficiencies, improving inventory management, and enhancing the customer experience.

Data Quality

GS1 standards make sure your organisation's data is complete, consistent and compliant with regulations.


GS1 Traceability Standard has guided traceability solutions, from upstream suppliers to consumers and patients.