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Product Data

Data is King. Consumers need to have confidence and trust in knowing that the on-shelf physical product matches its on-line ‘digital twin’ exactly. That’s where GS1’s Product Data standards and product catalogue services comes in.

The National Product Catalogue (NPC)


The NPC connects suppliers with trading partners electronically to share, standardised, verified product and price data in one, secure system. The NPC enables product information to be exchanged between business partners automatically to guarantee that retailers and consumers are getting up-to-date, accurate information on-shelf and online. 

Why NPC?

Our Product Data standards and product data catalogue service, ensure that your data is kept up-to-date and accurate giving retailers and consumers confidence and trust.

When GS1 standards are used for identifying products and our data standards are used for exchanging information, a common, global language of business is created. These standards reduce complexity, streamlines processes and reduces error

Truly Global
Product data is captured by us for you and is trusted by many. With Standardised Product Data you can sell to retailers and consumers all over the globe, easily and efficiently.

Get your range ready for the digital shelf with good Product Data

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