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Location Numbers

When a business uses multiple locations in their operations, being able to uniquely identify their trading partners and track shipments in the supply chain can get complicated; that’s where Global Location Numbers come in.

Global Location Number (GLN)

The GLN is a globally unique identification number used to identify legal entities, physical and digital locations. GLNs can even be used for multiple areas in a warehouse to make managing inventory easy. The New Zealand Business Number is a Global Location Number, used to identify legal entities in New Zealand to help make doing business easier. 

Why GLNs?

Allocating a GLN to your business is as easy as getting a barcode number. 

Whether it’s a warehouse, orchard, operating theatre or just a room in an office block, our GLNs can identify any location you use

Global Location Numbers are the global standard for identifying places, ensuring that your place and identity is unique in the world

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