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Digital Link

Today’s consumers are scanning product barcodes with smartphones to learn more about what they are buying – or considering buying. GS1 Digital Link connects customers to product information when and where they want it

What is Digital Link?

GS1 Digital Link web-enables barcodes by providing a simple, standards-based structure for the data that is encoded in them, connecting consumers, patients and others to online information about a product. Information can include expiration dates, nutritional and medical data, troubleshooting instructions—even social media links

See how Digital Link is helping Consumers all over the world:

Why Digital Link?

The core structure of this standard is the GS1 barcode Number (GTIN),  the globally trusted unique identifier, so you can trust that you’re getting accurate information every time

Whether you have a traditional barcode, QR code or RFID tag on your product, GS1 Digital Link works with any scannable standard you already use

No matter where in the world the product information lives online, GS1 Digital Link can bring it all together in one place

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