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Pacific Commerce believes eCommerce should be easy.

This belief drives us to provide professional, consistent and cost effective solutions in eCommerce, content and data management, and systems development to help our customers’ trade more efficiently and profitably.

Pacific Commerce has a broad range of experience in helping companies develop and implement eCommerce solutions to suit their specific needs. These solutions are designed to provide real and measurable value to a business. Whether you're targeting cost-reduction, streamlining, service expansion, or long-term enterprise growth initiatives, Pacific Commerce will help you to meet the challenges of today and adapt to those of tomorrow.

Pacific Commerce has a range of customised solutions for Australian organisations wanting to comply with GS1 standards. Our goal is to take the hassle out of GS1net compliance.

About us

Pacific Commerce is a privately-owned Australian eCommerce services provider with over a decade of experience in the Australasian market. We offer a range of complementary products and services which can be customised to meet the most complex of needs.

Pacific Commerce has worked with GS1, implementing suppliers on GS1net and EANnet for the last ten years. We support GS1 eCommerce standards across some of the biggest trading exchanges in Australia and New Zealand.



In support of GS1net, Pacific Commerce has created Distributor; a powerful data and business rule validation system, designed specifically to help upload a company's product and pricing data onto GS1net in a fully automated manner.

Developed in Australia, Distributor provides a simple and cost-effective way to transfer large volumes of catalogue and pricing data to GS1net. It provides business rule validation for your product information, ensuring that all data uploaded is clean and error free.

Distributor enables you to validate, upload and maintain your product data on GS1net so that your business and its suppliers can have access to accurate product information at all times.


Boulevard is a powerful product data management tool designed to allow organisations to reduce costs and centralise the management of content, pricing and product information. The system is customised to suit each customer's specific environmental requirements, and can be tightly integrated with ERP and CRM systems, industry catalogues such as GS1net, trading exchanges, and web portals.

Boulevard contains a wealth of detailed product information including product codes, prices, descriptions, associated files, images, technical and packaging specifications. Printed output from Boulevard can also be used for pricelists and product flyers, while formatted information can also be output in Excel format for use in major catalogues or pricelists.


Trading Exchanges

Pacific Commerce provides fully hosted business-to-business electronic document exchanges and management services. Pacific Commerce trading exchanges incorporate industry standard eCommerce software and infrastructure, providing clients with secure and reliable store-and-forward messaging capabilities.

Our trading exchanges enable increased supply chain efficiency and reduced operational costs through streamlining of the ordering and invoicing process while maintaining accurate audit trails.

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