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If you need to get your product to market, then you will need reliable barcodes, high quality photographs, digital asset management and correct product data.

GS1 ProductFlow is proudly supported by

Barcode Check: Be confident your barcodes will scan every time.

National Product Catalogue: A secure way to share your product data from a single source.

MediaLibrary: Manage and share images, digital assets and data with your trading partners.

Photography: We deliver quality photographs for advertising and online shopping.

On-Pack Information: Rest assured that we will capture your nutritional panel information and ingredient information on your products.

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ProductFlow fees* comprise of 3 key components:

1. Barcode Verification Fees – For members of GS1 NZ, the fee is $30 per GTIN. GS1 members also receive 5 free barcode verifications per year. For non-members of GS1, the fee is $ 95 per GTIN and there are no free barcode verifications.

2. National Product Catalogue (NPC) Fees - The NPC hosts your product data and makes it available to your trading partners. *Hosting fees are charged on a per quarter year basis. For more details please click here.

3. Product Image fees - If you have a MediaLibrary account where a specific image is currently hosted, no fees apply. If the image is not hosted in your account, you can request GS1 to photograph the product, upload and host the image. Your existing hosting, photography or image upload fees apply.

Don’t currently use GS1’s MediaLibrary service ?

 No problem. We can:

  • Take a product photograph and host it in MediaLibary for use with your trading partner for up to three (3) months.
  • Upload an image you provide, host it in MediaLibrary for use with your trading partner for up to three months.

Note: A fee of $30 applies and includes a verification process to ensure the information about the product is accurate and that the image meets all required specifications.

If you are using a professional photography or hosting service provider, please contact us to discuss options.

You may also be interested in these options:

  • National Product Catalogue - We collect & load your product data information (incl: label data) into the NPC. Up to three packaging levels (i.e., base, inner and outer - where provided) are included - $40 per product.
  • MediaLibrary - a cost effective image, video, document file hosting/sharing service.
  • Product Photography - high-end marketing images, planograms etc.

All the above services are available as part of the ProductFlow application.

*Additional fees may apply depending on your NPC upload method. Fees are applicable for GS1 Members only. Contact GS1 for Non-Member fees, call us on 0800 10 23 56.

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Assistance: If you require more information about ProductFlow please visit the Help Centre which contains detailed documents relevant for current users. Alternatively please phone us on 0800 10 23 56 during normal business hours, or send us an email [email protected].