National Product Catalogue

The industry product catalogue – share quality product information with your customers 

The National Product Catalogue (NPC) is an online product catalogue service that lets you enter, validate, store and maintain all your product data in a single location. This information will then be automatically shared between trading partners. National Product Catalogue is part of the Global Data Synchronisation Network (GDSN). If you are already signed up and need more information visit our Help Centre.

Over 500 suppliers and 250,000+ product records

National Product Catalogue improves product data quality with your customers.

Having one set of high quality master data for multiple customers, updated in real-time enables:

  • More effective category management
  • Reduced stock outs
  • Lower inventory
  • Less rework in order to cash

Quotes from industries

  • “National Product Catalogue [formerly known as GS1net] Live suppliers increase DIFOT by 10-20%” (Lisa Prohuber, Mitre 10 NZ) 
  • “The benefit of quality synchronised product data is a more efficient business relationship for both of us.”(Foodstuffs Supplier Guide) 
  • Woolworths Limited is committed to supporting National Product Catalogue [formerly known as GS1net] and it is our preferred method of receiving product and pricing information.” (WOWLINK Supplier Portal).

National Product Catalogue works as intermediary repository of product data between you and your trading partner. As the supplier you load your product catalogue up on to National Product Catalogue with the help of GS1 so that you meet your trading partner’s requirements. The data is validated to make sure that the data is accurate and then pushed out to your trading partner. As your data changes you update your catalogue, so that this flows through to your Recipient. You can share data from your product catalogue with more than one trading partner, allowing you to update multiple trading partners of product data changes. 

NPC diagram



  1. Agree with your customer to proceed - find out who to contact here
  2. Review National Product Catalogue Pricing Plans and select an option to suit your needs
  3. Sign up to National Product Catalogue for your trading partner
  4. GS1 will hold an initial ‘start up’ meeting with you to give you the tools and knowledge to commence your project.
  5. Load an initial subset of product data, GS1 will validate it to ensure it meets the required standard
  6. Load the remainder of your product data, GS1 will validate it to ensure it meets the required standard
  7. You will undergo training and then be certified “NPC Ready”
  8. Your customer will then work with you to get “NPC Live”

Sign up to National Product Catalogue

National Product Catalogue (NPC) pricing plans comprise of 3 key components

  1. NPC Implementation plan - to get you up and running with your trading partner
  2. NPC Quarterly Catalogue fees - to have your catalogue available on NPC
  3. Optional NPC upload method fees - this is only applicable if you are not using NPC directly in entering your data.

1. NPC Implementation Plan



Fast Track


Data collection


Help Centre


Start-up meeting




Latest web interface


Data validation


Unlimited Unlimited
Dedicated GS1 contact


On-site training


NPC Ready sign off


NPC Implementation Plan fees 

Catalogue size


Fast Track




$495 $100 per GTIN
11-50 GTINs $1250 $1000 + $60 per GTIN
51-250 GTIN's $2250 $4000 + $20 per GTIN
251-1000 GTIN's $2990 Fee on request
1001-2000 GTIN's $3450 Fee on request
2001+ GTIN's $3990 Fee on request
Discounts available
Standard discounts


Fast Track discounts


Payment terms 50% on commencement and 50% once NPCReady
Other points Maximum effort cap. Additional effort incurs standard consultancy rate. Time and materials option available upon Fast Track.

2. NPC Quarterly Catalogue fees

The NPC quarterly catalogue fee for GS1 NZ members is calculated @ $3.60 +GST per active GTIN per quarter, subject to the below minimum and maximum fee caps.

Gross annual turnover Minimum quarterly fee
Maximum quarterly fee


$0-1m $50 $105
$1-2m $50 $325
$2-10m $50 $985
$10-30m $105 $2,035
$30-100m $105 $2,805
$100-500m $105 $4,895
$500m-1b $215 $8,360
$1b-5b $215 $10,560
$5b+ $215


Please note: As you load GTIN's onto your National Product Catalogue this will impact your quarterly catalogue fee. If this fee is higher than the maximum fee, then the maximum fee applies, if it is lower than the minimum then the minimum fee applies.

For non-members please call us on 0800 10 23 56

3. NPC Upload Method fees 

If you are using 3rd Partner Certified NPC Middleware or custom integration to upload your data to NPC then a "machine to machine" set-up fee and modest ongoing quarterly connection fee may apply. Custom integration NPC requires you to sign up to NPC Connectivity Package. Contact us for more information on NPC Upload Method fees 0800 10 23 56 or [email protected]


Ordinarily you would have to be a full GS1 NZ member to use NPC, if you aren't already a member please sign up here, or contact us on 0800 10 23 56.

Training sessions: We have weekly webinars and quarterly seminars to assist you with understanding about NPC and how it can benefit your business.

Assistance: If you require more information about NPC please visit the Help Centre which contains detailed documents relevant for current users. Alternatively please phone us on 0800 10 23 56 during normal business hours, or send us an email [email protected]