Sharing of digital assets

MediaLibrary is an online, one-stop-shop for storing and sharing all digital assets either with trading partners or for internal use. MediaLibrary is used by major retailers including Woolworths New Zealand and Foodstuffs and links to Australian retailers.

Retailers Downloading from GS1's MediaLibrary:

Features and Benefits

  • Easy to use - saving you time, stress and money
  • Interoperable - used by leading grocery retailers in NZ and Australia as a single source for all your digital images (connects electronically to Woolworths NZ image library)
  • Adaptable - to provide flexibility for your specific business requirements
  • Affordable - ensuring all your assets can be shared with trading partners to maximise sales opportunities
  • Unlimited logins - for quick image downloads
  • Free image editing of your supplied images - taking your hassle away to ensure your image is good to go, first time, every time

How does the MediaLibrary work?

GS1 uploads all digital assets to store and share with trading partners, or for internal use. You can use GS1's photography service or supply your own images directly to us.

All product images are required to meet retailer photography specifications



Please contact our Support Team if you would like to arrange a training session.


For more information, please contact the Support Centre:

Email [email protected]
Phone 0800 10 23 56