GS1 New Zealand's MediaLibrary is flexible and can be customised to your needs and requirements to assist in getting your product-to-market.

The MediaLibrary allows trading partners to exchange all kinds of digital assets used in printed collateral, websites, Point-of-Sale (POS), mobile apps and general promotional use.

Companies are also able to use our MediaLibrary as a central internal registry (intranet) of digital assets, for use across different departments within their organisation.

Currently GS1's MediaLibrary is used by Woolworths New Zealand and Foodstuffs in New Zealand as well as by the major grocery companies in Australia. In this country it is being progressively rolled out across suppliers to these companies.

The benefits that have attracted the grocery users across Australasia – and are attracting users in other sectors – include…

  • GS1 validation: reduces rejection, revisions and delays
  • Ease of searches
  • Accessible between Australia and New Zealand.

The GS1 product photography service captures and identifies your product images and uploads them to our MediaLibrary. Digital images from any other source may also be uploaded as long as they meet the Product Photography specifications

Images can then be shared with your trading partners and used in your merchandising, promotion and planograms.


Training sessions: We will arrange customised webinars for you and your selected trading partners when you have signed up to our MediaLibrary. 

For more information or assistance about requirements: contact us on 0800 10 23 56.