Connect 2019: eCommerce Innovation Summit

WebsiteImage.jpgGS1 New Zealand's Connect 2019: eCommerce Innovation Summit was held at the Grand Millennium Hotel, Auckland on Thursday 11 April 2019

Connect 2019 delivered an impressive line up of market leading companies, who are at the forefront of thought leadership in business and their insights will be the ideas that shape our future. Highlights will include Google and Amazon.

GS1 New Zealand's also celebrated its' 40th Anniversary and looked back at how a technological innovation changed the way the world does business, and look to the future to the innovation that is changing the business of tomorrow.

Session one - GS1 New Zealand’s 40th Anniversary

Welcome to Connect 2019: eCommerce Innovation Summit
Sean Goodwin
, Chair, GS1 New Zealand and CEO, 100% Pure New Zealand Honey

Enabling Kiwi businesses to connect globally.
Hon. Stuart Nash, Minister for Small Business (Invited)

Simple, Transformative Technology: A 'Four Corners' Review by the Founders

1. Voice of the Retailer
Phil Wright, 
General Manager Information Technology, Foodstuffs South Island

Just simply a smarter way to gain visibility and do business.

2. Voice of the Supplier 
Katherine Rich, CEO, New Zealand Food and Grocery Council
It Takes Two to Tango: how suppliers benefit from a rational (and standardised) approach to trade practices. 

3. Voice of the Consumer
Sue Chetwin,
 CEO, Consumers Institute
Why a 'Win, Win, Win' deal benefited the consumer.

4. Voice of the Government Agencies
Carolyn Tremain, CEO, Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (Invited)
Fostering Trade, Innovation and Competition.

A Billion Ways to Say Thanks - the impact of simple, transformative technology on the whole economy.
Laurence Kubiak
, CEO, New Zealand Institute of Economic Research 

Punching Above Its' Weight: New Zealand viewed in a global context.
Miguel Lopera, President and CEO, GS1 Global

One small step for man.
Dr. Peter Stevens
, CEO, GS1 New Zealand


Session two - Connect 2019: eCommerce Innovation Summit

Welcome to the future.
Dr. Peter Stevens
, CEO, GS1 New Zealand

eCommerce innovation - Where it all started.
Prof. Sanjay Sarma
, Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Boston, USA)

Customers are driving transformation at Foodstuffs.
Chris Quin
, CEO, Foodstuffs North Island

Global eCommerce Innovation - What is really going on out there?
Robert Beideman
, Chief Solutions and Innovation Officer, GS1 Global

Customer obsession: The heart of Amazon success.
Rocco Braeuniger
, Country Manager, Amazon Australia

Linking it all together (and making it scalable).
Celeste McCormick
, Retail Account Manager, Google Inc

The identification of everything makes anything possible. 
Kevin Ashton, 
The Father of 'The Internet of Things', Technology pioneer, Author