Advisory Services

GS1 can help your company to improve its supply chain performance.

Our Professional Services team provides a number of cost effective advisory services to assist companies to get the best value from other GS1 services.

Regardless of your company’s size you can take advantage of the Professional Services team’s significant experience, expert guidance and independent advice to support improvements in your supply chain operations. 

Benefits of advisory services

  • More accurate business transactions
  • Increased efficiency of your business operations
  • Improved inventory management capabilities
  • Better customer service.

What advisory services are available?

There are three Advisory Services available:

This advisory service focuses on the implementation and utilisation of a specific GS1 standard. The standards supported are:

  1. GS1 Barcodes
  2. GS1 EPCglobal (RFID)
  3. GS1 ECom (Electronic Messaging)
  4. GS1 Traceability

Companies who require subject matter expertise in relation to one of the GS1 standards above will find the GS1 System Deployment very useful. This service does not cover the formal definition of business process requirements and does not cover project management support for the implementation of the standards above. GS1 System Deployment will provide you with the required knowledge of a GS1 standard and ensures your company utilises it correctly to give you maximum benefit.

GS1 Rapid Assessment is a one-day onsite assessment providing you with high-level recommendations regarding the use of GS1 Standards within your business. The main focus is on automation of internal and inter-company transactions by applying automatic data capture and electronic messaging services.

As part of this service your company will receive a Rapid Assessment report containing business process observations, automation recommendations and associated supporting requirements (for example hardware or software recommendations). The scope of the assessment can be on one or more of the following functional areas: Inward and Outward Goods, Production, Distribution, Master Data Management and Sell Side and Buy Side Business Transactions. 

The Supply Chain Enhancement programme helps companies achieve more efficient supply chains using GS1 standards. The programme includes four (optional) phases that cover an entire implementation lifecycle:

  1. Phase One: Analysis & Recommendation
  2. Phase Two: Prioritisation & Solution Definition
  3. Phase Three: Implementation Programme Development
  4. Phase Four: Implementation Programme Deployment

The Supply Chain Enhancement programme involves the following areas:

  • Supply chain data integrity
  • Automatic identity & data capture using bar codes or RFID
  • Tracking of products throughout the supply chain
  • Automated Transactions
  • Data Synchronisation
  • Collaborating with your retailers/trading partners

How can you find out more?

If you would like more information please contact us on 0800 10 23 56.