Helping you make the most of your business.

GS1 New Zealand is a not for profit organisation and our work around standards always involves and revolves around our members, in order to keep them up to date with the latest in the world of professional supply chain management.

Whatever your business requirements, you can rest assured, GS1 New Zealand is here to help you every step of your journey.

There are two types of membership Full Membership and One Number Membership:

Full Membership

Full Membership includes the following benefits:

  • Full priority customer support (phone, email and our online help centre)
  • 10 free barcode graphics each year (worth $150 + GST)
  • 5 free Global Location Numbers (GLNs)
  • An allocation of free GS1 verifications each year – this ensures that scanners can read your barcodes properly
  • Access to significantly discounted rates for GS1 New Zealand services, including National Product Catalogue, Product Recall, barcode verification services, seminars and GS1 events
  • Complimentary copies of SCAN - our specialist supply chain magazine 

Annual turnover Licence fee (GST exclusive)
$0 - $1 million $370
$1 - $2 million $495
$2 - $10 million $730
$10 - $30 million $1,235
$30 - $100 million $2,400
$100 - $500 million $3,700
$500 million - $1 billion $4,800
Over $1 billion $6,300

Number of barcodes required Allocation fee (GST exclusive)
Blocks of 100 numbers $100
Blocks of 1,000 numbers $250
Blocks of 10,000 numbers $500
Blocks of 100,000 numbers $2,500

In addition to the annual licence fee, if your company requires barcodes you will need to licence a block of Global Trade Items Numbers (GTINs - barcode numbers). This is a one-off allocation fee and you will only need to licence more GTINs once your company has allocated the full block of numbers to their products.

One Number Membership

One Number Membership is for small, start-up businesses with an annual turnover of less than $1 million, who want to either identify their very limited product range (retail items, trade or logistic units) with barcodes OR to identify themselves or a shipping location for electronic trading with a Global Location Number (GLN).

This option will give you a Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) OR a Global Location Number (GLN).

It is important to realise that every variant of product (size, flavour, colour) and packaging configuration requires a different GTIN - it makes most sense to have Full Membership if you think your business will grow beyond your first product. This option will also NOT allow you to access our specialist service NPC (at the discounted membership rates). One Number Membership is $59 + GST. If you are unsure about whether One Number Membership is the right choice for you, phone GS1 on 0800 10 23 56 or email [email protected].

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