I'm an existing customer

If you are an existing GS1 member organisation, you may want to find out more about GS1 Standards, what barcodes to apply to different packaging scenarios, acquire more barcodes for your developing product range or grow your relationship with us and adopt another of our services.


Use of our Standards provides a common foundation for business by uniquely identifying, accurately capturing and automatically sharing vital information about your products, locations and assets.


There are many different types of barcodes and it can be quite challenging trying to figure out which one to use.  This depends on what your product is and where it will be scanned, i.e. is it a basic consumer unit, a carton or pallet?

  • GTIN–13: Used on retail items that cross point of sale applications
  • GTIN-14: Ideal solution for labeling your cases and pallets with barcodes
  • GLN and/or NZBN: Do you need to identify your company locations? Use the Global Location Number (GLN) and New Zealand Business Number (NZBN).


All our services aim to help you do business better, strengthen your relationship with your trading partners and enhance the visibility and movement of your goods through your supply chain.

  • Product Flow: "I have a new product and I need help getting it ready to sell in stores". Product Flow is perfect for this as it helps facilitate the introduction of new products and notification of any other range changes to your customers. GS1 works with you to get things right to allow these processes to happen smoothly with your customers.
  • National Product Catalogue (NPC): "I've been asked by one of my trading partners to sign up to NPC, what is it?" That's great, NPC is an online product catalogue service that allows you to enter, validate, store and maintain all your product data in a single location. This information will then be automatically shared between trading partners.
  • Product Recall NZ: “I need to be able to pull back products if something goes wrong". Product Recall NZ is an online service which assists you to rapidly and effectively pull back products from your trading partners."
  • Verification: “I have been requested by one of my trading partners to submit a GS1 verification report when ranging my product”. Not a problem, we offer a verification service and can verify not only your barcode but also your product data and image now too. 
  • Product photography: “I’m not experienced at this and don’t understand what my trading partners are asking of me”. Don’t worry, our in house professional photography service is here to help! Send us your product and we can take high quality, multiple angle photographs from as low as $10 per image for use in point-of-sale displays, printed collateral, websites and more.
  • Media Library: “We need to find a cost effective solution for storing all our product images and other digital media materials. Our trading partners need to have access rights too”. Media Library is an online database providing exactly that functionality. It enables you to store and share images and digital media files with authorised suppliers and customers.