Barcode Design Awards

In 2019, GS1 New Zealand and WelTec joined together to bring the Barcode Design Awards to WelTec / Whitireia graphic design students.

The Awards programme began in March 2019 and culminated in the Award Ceremony in July highlighting students who have designed innovative and technically correct barcodes. 

The winners were announced on Tuesday 31 July to an anxious audience, eager to hear the winners named. Judges were highly impressed with the level of innovative and creative barcode entries. They thought our designer of the future were in good hands with the level displayed in the entries. 


First Place:

Keehwa Hong
Sokyumo Coffee Factory

Judges comments:
Superb! The use of colour and tones was daring and skilful, and produced creative barcodes that worked well. It was brilliant to see technically excellent barcodes into surrounding 'barcode like graphics to create appealing designs in shapes and colours that fitted the overall design of the package. 




Second Place:

Mehulkumar Patel
Cocoland Ice Cream

Judges comments:
This is a technically good barcode enhanced by additional graphics to create a clever picture appropriate to the product. It is further embellished with graphics either side, which add to the tropical island idea. The background colour was risky for a barcode design, but worked and scanned well when sent through for barcode verification. 




Third Place:

Brooke Tunley
Gin and Tonic (3 pack)

Judges comments:
The three cans each had barcodes that were very cleverly designed to into a larger picture that stood alone in the form of a young women when stacked in a tier. The box containing the three cans was a cleverly designed container, however there might be confusion when scanning either the box or individual can. 




Highly Commended

Yvette Miao Ke - Miss Peacock Packaging

Zoe Zhying Chen - Dinosaur Barcode
Note: Zoe also won the People's Choice Award, as selected by GS1 New Zealand staff. 

Judges comments:
Both Yvette and Zoe created impressive barcodes to be commended for their innovative approach.