GS1 history

GS1 New Zealand history


Since forming in the 1970s, the organisation that is now GS1 New Zealand has been helping businesses to refine and streamline their supply chains.

GS1 New Zealand has achieved many notable milestones throughout history, including:



1974 First live barcode scan in the world - Wrigley's Juicy Fruit chewing gum
1979 Grocery leaders form New Zealand Product Numbering Council, later becomes GS1 New Zealand
1981 New Zealand becomes 16th country member of what is now called GS1
1983 New Zealand's first "live" barcode scanning at a Napier's Taradale New World
1984 The ITF-14 barcode for use on outer packaging of products is launched
1986 GS1 New Zealand membership reaches 1,000 companies
1989 GS1-128 barcode for identifying pallets and cartons introduced
1993 85% of all groceries sold in New Zealand are scanned at point of sale
1994 New Zealand's first barcode testing service launched
2001 Major New Zealand supermarket companies adopt mandatory barcode verification for products
2005 EAN and UCC merge to form GS1
2005 EPC/RFID launched
2009 New Zealand CEO appointed to GS1 Global Advisory Council
2010 Scanning in 150 countries - 5 billion "beeps" globally every day
2012 Product Recall launched
2013 NZBN partnership with GS1 New Zealand
2014 DHB National Catalogue launched based on GS1 standards
2015 GS1 New Zealand supports over 5,000 members
2019 GS1 New Zealand celebrates 40 year anniversary
2019 GS1 New Zealand launches redesigned website
2019 GS1 Auckland office relocates to Freemans Bay, Auckland
2020 COVID-19 tracing with GS1 identifiers
2020 Digital passport for every consumer product - idea introduced in New Zealand
2020 Transport data standardisation supports global trade


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