About GS1

GS1 is a global family of not-for-profit, locally-owned organisations that provides solutions to help people trade and exchange information. GS1’s best known solution is the humble barcode.

GS1 New Zealand is owned by its 8,000+ members, spanning most industry sectors including food and grocery, healthcare, hardware, agribusiness and government. 

GS1 standards - the link between technology, consumers and businesses.

Making business more efficient for you and the wider community

Think of our standards as the DNA of the supply chain. They enable a complete, real-time inventory picture covering all product, transactional and location data.

GS1 Identify


Use GS1 Identification Keys to help you uniquely identify everything from products and services to locations and shipments.

GS1 Capture


Use our industry-standard barcodes or RFID tags to encode identification numbers and additional data like expiry dates, batch numbers, quantities and so much more.

GS1 Share


Our communication standards allow product information to flow seamlessly through the supply chain, from the point of production through to the end customer or patient.


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Established in 1979, we are owned by our 8000+ members and governed by a volunteer board.

GS1 standards have provided a common foundation for business since the first barcode was scanned over 40 years ago. Our standards now play their part around the world and around the clock – from scanning supermarket groceries or buying a CD online, to locating equipment in a hospital quickly enough to save a life. In fact, there are over 5 billion successful scans of a GS1 barcode every single day. What’s more, we make a difference for over 2 million members worldwide – enabling enhanced efficiency, safety and sustainability for a wide range of businesses and their customers.

In 2009 leading economist Prof Brian Easton found that GS1 had saved $1 billion annually (equivalent to saving each New Zealander $280 per year) and a productivity benefit to the economy of 0.5%. Read more here: Products talking to one another.
We are:
  • Neutral and not-for-profit
  • User-driven and user-governed
  • Global and local
  • Inclusive and collaborative

GS1 New Zealand has a commitment to ensure that our quality management system will be documented, implemented and maintained. A process of stakeholder feedback and continuous improvement will ensure that our systems remain relevant and focused our stakeholders. Being part of an international organisation, GS1 New Zealand has a commitment and obligation to our fellow member organisations and Global Office to ensure the good name of the global organisation is preserved and enhanced.