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Welcome. Here at GS1 New Zealand you will come to understand that we are all about fostering relationships, so it's not uncommon to see rivals, suppliers and customers meeting in a spirit of cooperation unseen anywhere else in the corporate world. Industry and geographic boundaries are crossed and every business, from micro to multinational, enjoys equal standing.

As a new visitor, you maybe exploring how GS1 membership can add value to your company or recently started a new role with one of our existing members and been given responsibility for all matters 'GS1'. Regardless of the reason, you can count on us to help get you sorted.

Membership is required if you want to apply barcodes to your products to sell through retail and online channels. 

Membership may also be the best option if you:

Although these services are available without membership, we strongly recommend you consider this, as the level of support offered and discounted fees applied to our services with membership, may make this the most cost effective option for you.

So, what does the process of getting your products on the retail shelves involve? How long it will take and how much does it cost? Find out more by reading our get started with our barcodes roadmap here.

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Great, so you have now been given responsibility to start working with us. We’d like to welcome you to the 'world of GS1' and take a bit of time to explain how you ‘get started’.

First off, please make sure we have your contact details registered with your company GS1 account - simply send us an email requesting this to [email protected] with your contact details (email and phone numbers are fine).

You may just be getting used to the layout of our site and how we can support you in your role or there maybe something specific you are wanting more information on, such as: