GS1 and the Building Industry Federation (BIF) Hardware event

When GS1 and the Building Industry Federation (BIF) get together for an information sharing night you can be assured of lively conversation and an atmosphere geared to action in the building business. Our joint function in February under an outdoor awning at the Cuvee Lounge of the Ellerslie Events Centre featured a rock-star speaker in John McDermott, Assistant Governor of the Reserve Bank; more than 70 guests sparking enthusiastic discussion of market trends and developments; and a concise run-down of global financial settings likely to set the backdrop for New Zealand economic performance in coming months. In brief, the messages were: A likelihood of banks having to compete harder for deposits on the local market through higher interest rates; uncertain times ahead in the U.S. China and Europe with more optimism that America and China will contain their problems at manageable levels but much more doubt about financial stability trends in Europe (arising from a combination of political and monetary pressures at national levels). GS1 Chief Executive Peter Stevens and BIF Chairman Gordon Buswell welcomed guests who enjoyed dinner under the stars following  John’s presentation. We’ll do it again!