Tim Doherty

Client Support Manager

Tim has been with GS1 since 2005. He started as a member of the bar code verification team and later moved up to managing the service for three years before handing the reins to Owen.

Tim was heavily involved in the upgrade of FMIS and business systems, from developing the requirements through to testing, transition to live and post implementation support. The MyGS1 section of the website is a public example of these changes. Tim is also a member of the GS1net support team.

Tim has a Bachelor's degree in Computer Systems Engineering from Massey University. In his spare time Tim is a regular concert patron with favourites including AC-DC, Them Crooked Vultures and Pearl Jam.

Contact Tim Doherty: Telephone: 04 494 1066 , Email: tim.doherty@gs1nz.org