Raman Chhima

Technical Consultant

Raman has been with GS1 NZ for more than 15 years. During that time he has acquired an extensive knowledge of the GS1 standards and systems and in particular their application in a supply chain management context. Raman has successfully implemented changes in the methods of bar code testing and reporting for GS1 International.

His current role is with GS1net implementation and provides GS1 technical consulting with the GS1 Professional Services team. Before joining GS1 NZ Raman was self-employed for 15 years. He has a Diploma in Information Technology from Victoria University of Wellington.

Raman spends his recreation time with hiking, hockey, reading and family time.

Contact Raman Chhima: Telephone: 04 494 1065 , Email: raman.chhima@gs1nz.org